Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have had all the changes they are making too it getting harder and harder too get around and has turned into more of a chore then a fun thing too do. For those of you that like too follow our travels thanks we are going too keep doing what we do just not on here it use too be fun but not with this mob any more so good bye safe travels yours Phil and Sue :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valley of the Giants

Valley of the Giants we had heard of this place lower picture and while in western Australia it was on the list and it was well worth the time out to go so impressive Sue was not real happy with the height of it but was very brave it waved around a bit as well but well worth it
   The treetop walk was designed to compliment the tingle forest the pylons with platforms were inspired  by the star shaped leaves of the tassel flower in the forest understorey the spans are a reflection of the sword grass. The pylons are made of weather resistant steel witch forms a protective coating of rust and blends the pylons into the forest the tree walk was built of f site in sections witch was then carried in and assembled on site with pulleys, hoists and  hydraulic jacks it occupies only 4 square metres of
Forest floor the picture at the top is in the national park at wapole now you can no longer drive too it a small walk to it a giant tingle tree well worth the walk people use to sit on there horses and have photo's taken and park there cars in there

Cranbroock The header lap

When we asked if we could get some pictures of the header working was a real bonus getting asked if I would like a lap around in the header as well jumped at the chance got some very nice pictures and the owner of the header farm etc said could he have copies of what I took and of course I said yes and he is getting a couple blown up for his house so I did good  then every one was happy I got picked up from the van park in the western star they own that was carting the grain in this case barley  so we put 50 ton in the truck and we went too the silo witch was pretty big hence a truck near the barley pile I was not allowed out of the truck but still got some top pictures so happy as the header was a John Deer as were the tractors and chaser bins they ran two headers 600,000 thou each  lots and lots monies in this game

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Well we have been parked for about 8 weeks tried to stay off the roads while the school holidays were happening,  have managed too stop for most of the school holidays so has been good we have been at a small town called Cranbrock has been a very good stop for us. The Photo was taken with our big annex out on Christmas afternoon so hope you all had a awesome Christmas and the new year is awesome as well Cranbrock is very small in the heart of the wheat belt I asked if i could take some pictures of the header and got too do a lap in the paddock in the header a John Deer was rather stocked  with that chance got some nice pictures quite pleased . Had too find  a doctor for my Inr while we was parked up after sorting that out was told I should have my own inr machine so now have one of those as well so pretty lucky they are not cheap and this was no cost too us . while we in Cranbrock we used it as a base went a few places Albany Walpole Denmark Valley of the giants tree walk and had a great time while here seems our place become the social point of the van park happy hour was most of the time at our place we had some top times and meet some nice people .The next picture is the sheep We was having happy hour and a bloke joined us and is a sheerer so I asked if it would be ok too come and have  a look and take some pictures of a working wool shed and got some nice ones too  so enjoyed our time in the wool shed

Monday, November 26, 2012

Head off

   We left Bindoon on the Monday .If going to stay in Bindoon the bowls club is a walk across the oval very friendly folks as well and just down the road is one of the best bakeries we have found in W.A.We were hoping to stay at a place called Northam going to stay for a few days they had a good looking Museum and hoped to have a look around but could not fit into van park, went to council got told no place to stay so stuff Northam if that the way  they feel . By the time we looked for a spot time was getting on so we found a top spot 204 { camps 6 W.A. } as this only says day time only I was not real happy with what happen back up the road  and stayed the night no problem and a couple of beers over it :)
  After a good sleep { top picture}at this spot we head of towards Cranbrook top drive thou lots of wheat still been in the wheat belt a long time now the western Australia wheat belt is huge area we came to Wagin next two pictures he not as big as the one in Goulburn N.S.W.but still a good size anyway.

Monday, November 19, 2012


   We arrived in Bindoon and soon settled in 15 a night for power got a power point as we  leave the fur covered kids in Air con as we go for the day .  Allowed to stay three days so we had three days to find a spot in Perth for the school holidays, Christmas break new year etc what I like to call the silly season as I do not like being on the road around this time of year people in a rush to get from point A to point B with little time to do it so my answer we park up some place and sit it out worked for us the last 6 years . We spent a day around Perth lots of Phone calls to caravan parks etc crowds traffic my oh! my. I love my life style and not have to live in a city what it come down to we will not be staying near Perth this year we know of a couple places that are ok to stay after school holidays so see what happens
   Back in Bindoon .we had a look around and liked the little town people real friendly and on the Sunday they had  a market it was very close to us top picture got talking to the owners of the three cars 54 F100 a Morgan and a MG rather a good day and found out about Bindoon museum what a little gem of a museum some great stuff loved the 1933 fire truck a Dennis it has the same age trailer water  pump  on the back, great bit of gear and it is taken out every year for santa and the kids have a ride ring the bell etc.While in the show ground we got told of  a spot at a place called Cranbrook that we may like and the price sounds good as well.  

Leave Hyden

As we left Hyden we looked at the fuel price as they give you a three cent discount for staying in the van park , when they 1st give it to you, you think Wow!   thanks then you check the price for us diesel and wow! no thank you far to expensive but anyway .We drove along to Kondinin and found the price far  much better even with out the three cents it was cheaper  for Diesel as well as unleaded so there you go .Thinking people are giving you some thing for nothing does not all ways work out right. Kondinin has a servo with this sign out the front top picture with the back of our Suzuki in the picture as well . We had a top trip and was still surprised and the hills of western Australia had a picture of  W.A being flat well just goes to show how wrong we can be about a place .On our way too Bindoon that we had picked to stay to see were to pull up in or around Perth when we got to Cunderdin we found the pub this one was missing some stuff but still a Ettamogah we must of gone the hard way too Bindoon over the mountain's Tumbi the motor home was getting warm but all good settled back again and cooled down  once we were over and sitting on 90k's again other then that all was good nice drive and our show ground in Bindoon turned out not to be a showground we were thinking show ground should be like but it turned out all right in the long run